8 de agosto de 2014

Estancia postdoctoral en Italia



The Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa announces a selection, based on work to date and interview, for a research contract named “*Social movements and socio-economic structures*” on the following project: “*Democracy, Participation and Social Movements*”.

Social movement studies have paid insufficient attention to the relation between the socio-economic structures and contentious politics. The recent citizens' mobilizations against financial crises and austerity policies around the world pointed at the influence of the relations between states and markets, politics and the economy on the protests’ forms and breath. Within this frame, the research activities which are the object of this grant should focus on the development of a theoretically innovative model, and its empirical implementation in a comparative analysis of the political economy of protest. Research activities will therefore include:

   1. An analysis of the literature on social movements and
   socio-structural change;
   2. The selection of empirical cases to be analysed among social
   movements that address relevant topics in relations to the evolution of
   markets and welfare, as well as their effects on citizenship rights;
   3. Selection of research methods, with ideally a triangulation of
   qualitative and quantitative methods
   4. Implementation of the empirical research;
   5. Writing of a research report.

The selected candidate will participate in the activities of the recently established PhD in political science and sociology, in particular in its area on democracy, participation and social movements.

*Duration of contracts*: 2 years (estimated starting: December 2014)

*Gross compensation inclusive of all taxes*: € 60.000

*Application deadline*: the application must be received by *August, 28th
2014* at the Scuola Normale.

Candidates are invited to read the official announcement published on the website of Scuola Normale Superiore, at the following URLhttp://www.sns.it/servizi/job/assegnidiricerca/assegno325 and to carefully follow its detailed instructions. A version in English of the announcement is available at the URL

*Requisites*: eligible candidates must have completed a PhD in “Political science”, “Sociology”, “Political and social sciences” or similar disciplines. Candidates who have obtained the aforementioned degrees abroad may apply provided such degrees are recognized equivalent to Italian degrees.

*Additional competence and/or experience relevant to the choice of the researcher*: advanced knowledge in the methodological domain (in qualitative and quantitative research); knowledge of English language.

*How to apply:* Interested candidates with the aforementioned requisites must submit

   - the application, based on the attached model, written on paper with original signature;
   - the photocopy (non-authenticated) of a valid identification document;
   - a signed and up-dated curriculum vitae containing a detailed description of the educational career and professional experience;
   - a signed list of all publications, including the exact web-address (if they are not available online, they must be enclosed with the application);
   - any document, qualification, publication that the candidate believes may be useful to the evaluation of her/his application and a signed list of the aforementioned documents, qualifications, publications;
   - enclosed in the same envelope containing the application, mail, in pdf    format, directly to the attention of prof.ssa Donatella Della Porta (donatella.dellaporta[@]sns.it).

In order to submit the application form and the above detailed dossier, candidates can (please use one of the following options):

   - deliver it directly, during office hours, at “Ufficio Protocollo” [Documents Registry Office] of Scuola Normale Superiore, located in Via del Castelletto, n. 11, 56126 Pisa (Italy);    
- send it by mail to the above address. In this case, it is  recommendable to write on the envelope “Bando n.325 – research position on “*Democracy, Participation and Social Movements*”. Please consider that the    applications must arrive to the Documents Registry Office of the Scuola    Normale by the deadline; applications which will arrive after the deadline  will not be considered even though the postmark shows an earlier date.
   - send it using the electronic mail, provided they possess an Italian    certified electronic mail address (PEC - Posta Elettronica Certificata); in    this case, the dossier should be sent to protocollo[@]pec.sns.it,
   following the instructions available at the URL
   http://www.sns.it/info02/pec/ (in Italian), or
(in English). For information about PEC, please see www.digitpa.gov.it/pec.

No other delivery method will be accepted.

Administrative information or questions may be addressed to Valentina Senesi (Tel. (0039) 050/509549 – email:valentina.senesi[@]sns.it) or Paola Guarguaglini (Tel. (0039) 050/509723 – email: paola.guarguaglini[@]sns.it).

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