9 de septiembre de 2014

Invitación a escribir sobre cuerpos, emociones y sexualidad en el mercado global


Intimate Economies: Bodies, Emotions and Sexualities on the Global Market

Edited by Susanne Hofmann and Adi Moreno

Intimate economies, based on the commodification of bodies, emotions and sexualities,

have become high value-producing forms of exchange in contemporary global
capitalism. New technologies in the areas of communication, transport and
medicine have allowed new types of commodification producing new subjects and
social relations between different actors in the global economy. In various
parts of the world commodified intimate exchanges have experienced not only a
diversification, but also a ‘new respectability’ as a result of which a broader
range of subjects from a variety of social backgrounds now participate in
commercial transactions, trading body parts or bodily substances, intimacy and

Our book is interested in exploring the interrelatedness of individual practices of

self-commodification and contemporary technologies of the self, which are based
on ‘free agents’ who ‘actively choose’ to sell body parts, access to their
bodies and different kinds of emotional and intimate labour in the capitalist
market, often subjugating themselves to new forms of control and exploitation. This
book aims to analyse experiences of self-commodification in the context of the
global political economy and wider processes of dispossession and disenfranchisement.

We are seeking contributions which expand existing debates on neoliberal

governmentality and intimate commercial exchanges, shedding light on how
discourses of self-authorship and freedom of choice enable the masking of harsh
realities of impoverishment, gross inequalities and economies of extraction, in
which bodies and bodily capabilities from the Global South serve the needs and
desires of the more affluent populations in the Global North.

Papers are invited (but not limited to) for the following themes:

  • Intimate
  • exchanges and market ideology
  • Commodified
  • forms of kinship and relationality
  • Commodified
  • sexualities / sex work
  • Assisted
  • reproductive medicine
  • Commodified
  • bodies and the organ trade
  • Affective
  • emotional labour and neoliberalism
  • Commodification
  • of bodies / affect / sexualities and contemporary technologies of the self
  • Bodies, the market and the state
  • Migration
  • travel and bodies/ intimacy exchanges
Submissions are invited from across the social sciences, gender & sexuality studies,
legal studies and economics. We are particularly interested in receiving
contributions from the Global South.

Interested contributors are invited to send a 1000 word long abstract by 1st November

2014 to int.eco.book[@]gmail.com.
  • Important deadlines
  • Abstract
  • submission by 1st  November 2014
  • Full chapter submission by 15th March 2015
  • Resubmissions
(after peer review) by 31st July 2015

Your chapter (of maximum 8000 words, including references and notes) will be peer

reviewed by experts in your field and you might be asked to revise and resubmit
your chapter.

About the Editors

Susanne Hofmann holds a PhD in Latin American Cultural Studies from the University of Manchester. She is a visiting researcher at the Gender Studies Centre (PAGU) of the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Her main research interests are globalisation and transnational migration, the commodification of intimacy, affective labour, entrepreneurial

subjectivities, neoliberalisation, and governmentality. She has published
various articles on sex work in Mexico.

Adi Moreno is a PhD Candidate from the Sociology Department, the University of Manchester. Her main research interests are assisted reproduction technologies and the global reproduction markets, queer kinship, the commodification of relationalities and late-modern subjectivities.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you have questions with regard

to the call or your submission.



Susanne Hofmann (Gender Studies Nucleus/UNICAMP):  s.hofmann[@]hotmail.co.uk

 Adi Moreno (Sociology/University of Manchester):  adimoreno[@]gmail.com

____________Dr Susanne Hofmann

PhD Latin American Cultural Studies

Gender Studies Centre/PAGU

State University of Campinas/UNICAMP

Visiting Researcher See my blog:http://susannehofmann.wordpress.com/about-3/ Or follow me on twitter:https://twitter.com/Susanne_Hofmann

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