1 de diciembre de 2014

Fundación Hewlett "Atlas de salud pública en México"

Atlas of Governance and Public Health in Mexico 

Atlas of Public Health in Mexico

Generated and assembled by the Center, the Atlas is a geographic information system (GIS) for the visualization, consultation and downloading of health-related thematic maps. The project has been made possible by the generous support of the Hewlett Foundation.

Atlas Overview
The goal of this site is to allow free access to the geographic assets collected by various Mexican agencies and organizations within a single platform. Information is made available to both the general public and specialized researchers through the following elements:
·         Graphic views of general information, analytical narratives and health maps
·         Detailed information of health outcomes and interventions at the municipal level
·         Information at the locality level regarding census characteristics and accessibility of health infrastructure
·         Metadata on the available cartography
·         Downloading of information as comma delimited text files and shapefiles
Project Background
The governance of public health in Mexico has been a “black box” intermediating between seemingly well-designed federal and state health programs that seek to improve the quality and coverage of health provision and services, and public health outcomes.
Citizens care enormously about the provision of clinics, vaccines, drinking water and sewerage systems, to name a few. Yet, how these services come to be produced is often obscured by insufficient transparency and information flows. A complex web of intergovernmental finances involving federal, state and municipal governments, lack of coordination between several public health systems, weak electoral incentives, and decision-making and oversight processes are opaque at best.
This multi-year research project was launched in 2010 through the generous support of the Hewlett Foundation.

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