12 de mayo de 2015

Political Sociology, acceso gratuito a la revista revista inglesa

Politics fever has hit the UK hard this year with many debates taking place all over the country: red vs. blue, nationalism vs. socialism….
In honour of this political atmosphere, Routledge Sociology journals have brought together a selection of articles exploring different areas of Political Sociology. The included articles are free for you to access and cover topics such as political movements, nationalism and national identity and the issues relating to social stratification.
To claim your free access, simply click on the links below. Your free access will expire on 30th September 2015.

Movements & Thinkers

The articles in this section explore a number of different social movements and the ideologies of key sociologists, for example, marxism and socialism.

Nations & States

The Nations & States section of the collection explores issues such as Nationalism, National Identity and State Formation.

Social Stratification

The articles in this section explore a number of issues concerned with Social Stratification, including issues relating to Class, Gender and Ethnicity.

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